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We think you will enjoy your stay with us. But, don't just take our word for it - have a look at some of comments from our clients.

Following his return home after a week at Etang le Fays, Robbie Taylor sent an e-mail to say: - "Just wanted to say thank you, what a great week myself John and Luke had, The fishing was excellent and the quality of fish was superb. As mentioned to Mark, I have been fishing in France for over 20 years and have done both inclusive and drive and survive, and without doubt Carpediem will take some beating. The food was first class I have put on about 2 lb in weight, the swims and facilities were spot on. I am looking forward to coming back next year, and am still giggling at falling over when I was trying to get to the rods for the grassy!!! with Mark behind me pissing himself. Thank you again for making us all feel welcome and I look forward to seeing you again next year. Regards Robbie"

Danny: - "Once again fantastic week, fishing & food..."
Sam: - "Another great week, can't wait to come back in August. Food was brill."
Kieran: - "Great week, food was wonderful, can't wait to come back."

Steve & Dave: - "Had a great week, lovely food, lovely weather, fantastic fishing."
Paul: - "Excellent. Keep up the good work. I'll be back!"
Craig: - "Fantastic facilities, food & fishing. Highly recommended. Thanks!"
Grant: - "Yet again another fantastic week fishing. New PB 48lb 4oz. Happy days!! Cheers"

Neal Wells added the following comments when he sent over some pictures: - "Thanks for a great weeks fishing and great food. Had a PB Mirror of 49lb 4ozs and a nice Common of 43lb 12ozs. Me and Charlie will be back. It's a great place and lovely looking fish, highly recommended fishery and that's coming from an ex-Dream Lakes Bailiff. Thanks again for a excellent week. Put my name in the catch report for me. Thanks. Neal and Charlie"

Rob & Mark Davidson: - "Fantastic weeks fishing,3 new PB's. Fed well, drank well, fished well. Nice to see everybody again including Jean. Can't wait for next April or possibly this Oct. Cheers."
Tim: - "Thanks Mark & Clare really enjoyed my week. Fantastic!"Top

Frank: - "Great food, great company & fish of your dreams (tired but very happy)."
Breachy: - "Another enjoyable week, loads a b*******s talked, much fish caught, see you in the summer."
Mark, Shane & Simon: - "Don't want to go, thanks so much for a great week."
Jacko: - "Food was quality, fishing was quality, good crack, Mark & Clare great hosts, (already booked for next year)."
Chris: - "Food was the nuts, wicked fishing, wicked week."
Greg: - "Food good as always, awesome fishing."

Dean: - "Thanks for a great week again, be back next year."
James: - "Thanks for another great week guys, see ya next year."
Matt: - "Had a great week, 4 big fish - a PB common. What more could you ask for. Thanks to you both for a wonderful holiday "great food Clare". Many thanks."
Steve: - "Great week, great lake, great fish. Be back next year."

Andy: - "Great company & food, well organised, nothing is to much trouble."
Luke: - "GREAT FOOD, GREAT lake, GREAT fishing."
Trevor: - "Great holiday."
John: - "Wonderful time, can't wait till next year, worth coming for the food alone."
Turbo: - "Great time, great hosts, will be back again very soon."

BUZZ: - "The best by far & I've done a few. The fish, the people, Mark & Clare. Words can't express how impressive Etang Le Fays is."
Cloggy: - "Le Fays, Le Bollocks"
Rosco: - "I'm going in Buzz's swim next year"
Steve The Cheese: - "A great time everything spot on."
Le Spud: - "Agrees with all above (46lb common)"
Spanners: - "Outstanding"
Mac: - "Two PBs in one day, say no more"

Lee: - "What an amazing fishery, run to a 1st class standard, I caught a whopping mirror 63.4. Would love to come back to see Mark, Clare and the fishery, food & facilities cannot be matched anywhere"
Robert: - "A fantastic week with Mark & Clare. Nothing being to much trouble. Would also like to thank their friend Reg for his help."
Billy: - "Amazing weeks fishing with great service, would love to come back, would recommend this fishery to all anglers"

Craig: - "Had a great week. Caught my PB 42 mirror with the help of Mark who taught me a lot about fishing. Clare's cooking is amazing. Thanks"
Chris: - "Great week, caught my PB, fantastic service from Mark & Clare, food was amazing."
Steven: - "The week at the fishery was amazing, great service & caught my 1st ever pike. Had an amazing time."
Colin: - "Where do I start... Fantastic time, great time & hospitality. Mark runs a fishery how it should be run. His 1st priority is the welfare of the fish and we came 2nd, but still on same par. Clare & Mark - lovely people and not to forget their friend Reg - very helpful. Thanks for a great time."Top

Darren: - "Beautiful lake can't wait to come back"
Paul: - "Fantastic, amazing.. keep coming back for more, nothing is to much trouble. Food, hospitality, the whole holiday just couldn't get better, the best French Fishery ever been to! The fish in this lake are amazing"
Dave & Penny: - "Many thanks.. as always for a great holiday, food & company. As good as ever"
Larry & Alan: - "Great week. The weather was amazing and the fish caught by us were brilliant - in superb condition. Owners Mark & Clare were almost like close friends in such a short time"
Mike & Dennis: - Stunning lake, excellent facilities, lovely food. The place is a credit to its owners"
Craig: - "As always a superb week, never a dull moment, great fish, food & hospitality, not to many fish this week but what came out were quality. Will always be back"

Gary: - "43.4 lovely fish, cheers Mark"
Chris Cutting: - "56.2 Fish of a life time. Excellent week, great hosts & good food"
Barry: - "One fish but I'll be back!"

Colin: - "Nice food and clean facilities. No fish unfortunately, but the nicest place you can find to blank!"
Dave: - "Food, facilities, lake and surroundings spot on! The fish just weren't feeding. Will definitely be back!"
Dan: - "Can't say enough good things about this place, just a shame a few more fish weren't banked."

Stef: - "1st time out - Brilliant time. Food amazing. Mark& Clare spot on. Will be back. Thank you very much."
Don: - "Good week - many thanks."
Sid: - "Again a great week. Loved the biggie... 51lb 8oz Mirror."
Jim: - "Magic for me - PB smashed. Food and venue fantastic. Many thanks."
Martin: - "4th time here cannot fault hospitality or fishing. Will be back for a 5th time."
Leigh: - "1st time here and what a great time & PB!! Will be back."

Bob & John: - "What a week - could not ask for more!"
Brian: - "Superb week - great food & company - great laugh - brilliant!"
Matt: - "The most fantastic week! Smashing food & company!"
Steph & Lee: - "Fantastic week with superb hospitality."

Barry: - "Food - very very good. Shame the fishing was a bit slow to begin with, but started to pick up as it cooled down. Lovely place."
Colin: - Very nice place. Mark & Clare make you feel very welcome. Lovely fishing. I will return in the future. Thanks for everything."
Edgar: - "A nice week - again!"
Tjako: - "It was a great week - again. Good food and nice people. See you soon."
Tim: - "I had a great week. I caught my PB and a couple of other nice fish. And Clare's cooking is fantastic - also Marks V&O's."
LoLo & Rene: - "We had a fantastic week. Loved the food, champs and Mark & Clare. We had a lot of nice fish on Ralphs bait. See you soon."
Coen & Monique: - "We had a great time again. New PB for Mo 40lb 7oz Common. Lots of fun and beer."Top

Stephen & Nicola Cooper: - "Here for 2 weeks. 3rd time back. Top time as per. Be back soon cheers Mark & Clare."
Karl: - "1st time here and I will be back. Two 40's. Cheers Mark & Clare."
John: - "3rd time here and another great trip. Thanks a lot and will see you again next year."
Tony: - "1st time here and had a great trip. Can't wait to come back next year. New PB - Thanks."

Marko: - "This was my first fishing trip to France, I went with 3 lads who have fished here before & met one there on his 2nd week's fishing. What can I say, food was outstanding, thanks Clare. Marks knowledge of the lake & tip's were spot on, thanks. I didn't catch a lot of fish, weather was so up & down that week, but I hammered my PB by 20lb, so well happy & I am deffo going back next year, with or without the lads, but we are trying to book the whole lake for ourselves if we can. Meet a few fellow fishermen there too & made some friends, so all in all an excellent fishing trip. Thanks Mark & Clare, see you next year."

Lee & Christian: - "2nd trip here, another great one, food spot on again. Slow to start but picked up mid week. Many thanks for a good week."
Chris: - "1st time to Carpediem, food fantastic, fishing a bit quite but good for some. will def be back!"
Shaun: -"Very good lake, food good, best ever fish -2XPB's, will be back."
Graham: - "Thank you both for a great week - 1st class, see you soon."
Terry (pop): - "1st time here food very good fishing but a bit slow to start, good company, will be back next year."
Alan: - "Good times & tight lines."

Sam: - "Very good week 2X40's on the last night, 3 PB's smashed, over the moon! Can't wait to come back - brilliant!"
Danny, Sam & Sean: - "2nd time back this year and back out again in 4 weeks. What more do I need to say...outstanding food & venue, top notch stuff..don't want to go home!"
Chris M: - "Quality venue, quality homemade food & top hospitality from Mark& Clare!! Thoroughly enjoyed the week, though I'll be back when it's a little cooler."
Little Bill & Big Bill: - "We've enjoyed an outstanding week here and couldn't have ask for much more. The food here is top quality. Thank you Mark & Clare."

Andy B: - "SWEET!"
Carl: - "FANTASTIC venue, food & Hosts..but next time I might have to get away from the good company and do some fishing."
Andy P: - "Clare & Mark are great hosts with good food and good fishing."Top
Mo: - "Great fishing, great people and great food. Back next year for deffo!"
Neil: - "Great food, great fishing, 2 PB's - excellent!"
Mark B: - "Great food, good company, fantastic place!"
Darren: - "Great place, food and fishing. Clare & Mark made you really feel welcome."
Tony: - "We'll be back, great time, food excellent, great hosts."
Mark I: - "Great venue, superb hosts."
Bob: - "Great place but didn't get a PB."
Alan: - " back!"

Andy B: - "What a great week I had!!! I came back to Etang Le Fays after catching a 49lb Mirror, and not expecting to beat that PB.. little did I know.. After a slow start to the week I hooked into the most beautiful fish I've ever seen, the lovely 55lb(long) Common. This was a fish I never dreamed of catching! Also had 1X20lb, 3X30lb, 1X55lb, AND 1X61lb 8oz mirror. To imagine after the 55 I'd catch a new PB was incredible. Thanks to Clare & Mark for yet another amazing holiday, see you next year!!!"
Stu & Liam: - "Once again a fantastic week, fishing and food fantastic. Thanks Mark & Clare."
Chunk: - "This has been a fantastic trip, a lovely lake, will definitely be back"
Phil: - "Again the lake and hospitality have not failed to please, see you both in May 2010"
Ball: - "Amazing trip, lake looked as good as ever, food outstanding & general giggles had by all. Looking forward to booking next year asap and landing a few more fish"
Pete: - "Top lake, great site, amazing food. Mark & Clare great hosts. Defo coming back ASAP"
Adam: - "Great week, beautiful lake, fantastic hosts. Will be back"
Sam: - "Great week, fantastic food, Mark & Clare are great"
Charlie: - "Great week the best fishing I've ever had. Mark & Clare are great, lovely food. Thanks for a fantastic time, will be back"
Goose & Kelly: - "This was our 1st visit here and it certainly won't be the last. Clare & Marks hospitality, care & concern for everyone is 2nd to none. Clare's cooking is the BEST!! Mark is a FONT OF ALL KNOWLEDGE with regards to fishing & management!! Thank you both so much"

Steve E: - "Wicked time, food was great.. See you next year"
Steven H: - "Had a great time, nice food, great fish.. Thanks"
Paul E: - "Food wicked, great time, couldn't of ask for more.. Excellent - see you next year"
Paul B: - "Had a great week, food fantastic, fishing good.. Mark & Clare great hosts"
Keith H: - "What a superb place.. Great food, great hosts, excellent time, I'll be back"
Tony: - "Got a tan & big belly.. Top food, top class week" Top

George: - "Had a great week. Fishing fantastic and broke my PB - TWICE! Food was great and would love to come back very soon."
Paul C: - "Fantastic fishing, excellent food and company. Great week with PB's for many of the group. Can't wait to book for next year."
Dane: - "Had a great time and will come back. Mark & Clare lovely people."
Dan'o: - "Lovely people! Had my best fish on this trip. Had a great time what more can I say other then I WILL BE BACK. Thanks Mark & Clare. PS Food was great too."
Elliot D: - "Had a great week and the food was lovely. Loads of fish & loads of fun!"
Danny: - "Great week with great food. Fishing was very good for most and got to see some monsters."
Peter: - "Great fish, great food...BEST weeks fishing I've ever had! Can't wait to come back."

Sam: - "Good fishing, nice food and a great time."
Dan boy: - "Once again a fantastic week. Finally smashed my PB with a 44lb 2oz. Can't thank Mark & Clare enough for their help this week. THANK YOU."
Tony M: - "New PB, good time, back soon!"
Sean: - "New PB, fantastic time, food the best, can't wait to come back."
Darren: - "Smashing time again, great food, great company, will be back soon. Cheers guys."

Simon: - "Beautiful lake, great fishing, great hosts & amazing food. I will be back!"
Brett: - "Great time once again, 3rd time here and there will be more, next time for the 60lb-er"
Steve M: - "Good time, big fish, lovely food, 5 star!"
Lee & Zoe: - "Four 40's & one 50 can't be bad! Great food, great people. Be back next year"
Stuart: _ "Great time, big fish & big food"
Bob: - "Great food, good fishing, well organised site. Thanks for a great week"

Gary: - "Can't complain, lake record holder. Say no more!"
Harlow Boys: - "Lovely fish. 2nd time here and we will be back"
Koen: - "Thanks for the hospitality, unfortunately no fish, but still enjoyed it very much"
Jamie: - "Thank you Mark & Clare for your hospitality. Etang le Fays is a fantastic place to fish and I will be back"
Kevin & Gang: - "Many thanks to Mark & Clare who really looked after us. The fishing was a bit slow but, the food really made it an enjoyable week"


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