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We think you will enjoy your stay with us. But, don't just take our word for it - have a look at some of comments from our clients.

Darryl: - Excellent facilities, best lake I've ever fished, can't wait for next trip. Smashed my PB twice 54lb mirror. AWSOME.....
Unsigned Comment: - Best Lake - Best Food - Best People!
Unsigned Comment: - Great lake, great food & BIG fish!
Ian Couill and Buck (Chunk) both said: - THE BOLLOCKS!!!!
Bob: - The best lake I've ever fished, lovely food & lovely people. Cheers
Dean: - Best lake ever fished even with a blank!! Can't wait to get the rods back here again. Thanks

Dave Elles: - Had a great week, excellent facilities & hosts, lovely lake & surroundings. A lot of Great Bib Lumps, but they are clued up. Will be back. Cheers guys.
Martin: - Another cracking tour by team Laurie, Top venue, top facilities, the cockney boy just keeps on going, Defo be back. Top Thanks to Mark & Clare.
Spud: - 1st time in France and what a Lake & owners. Food was great & really friendly people, what ever you need they will get. Thanks for a great fishing trip.
Terry: - Had a great week, only 1 fish, But think that was down to my lake of skill. Food very good.
Simon: - Had a great week. Food, fishing & owners excellent.
Other Comments: -
From start to finish words can't do this venue justice. Thanks for a great time
Thanks for sharing your excellent venue with us, stunning surroundings, great food & facilities - a few nice fish for me too!!
Great week, lovely food & a PB. What else could you want!

Dan: - What a pukka week, by far one of the best carp lakes I have been to in France. Great food & company. Many thanks to Mark & Clare. Will see you next year.
Glenn: - Beautiful and a lovely lake. Both Mark & Clare were very helpful. Many thanks. See you next year.
Paul: - Thanks for a great time. PB 60lb mirror. Thanks for the great food Clare. See you again next year.
Alex: - Cheers for a great week. The food was really nice. I will definitely be back. Hopefully see you next year
Steve: - Thanks for a great week. Food & fishing excellent. Cheers Mark & Clare
Matt: - Thank you for a lovely week. Food was amazing and so was the fishing. Hope to see you next year.
Gary: - Thanks for a great week, food was superb, be back when my little boy is old enough. Nice one Mark & Clare
Ross: - The lake was excellent. Fished well, really nice big fish. Had a great time. The food was outstanding & would definitely come back.
Alan: - First class fishery. Superb. Second to none!

Roger: - Magic place, magic food, good crack. Won't mention the fishingTop
Alan: - Superb fishery...must have been us anglers that were crap! Coming back!
Frank & Henny: - Awesome as always, Mark & Clare are the best, can't wait to come back. Made some good friends.
Webmaster: - Great, Fantastic, Brilliant week - Thanks Mark & Clare. Bagged my biggest Mirror Carp at 44lb 4ozs. See you again in the Summer! Can't wait!

Richo: - Lovely venue with superb hosts. Food "par excellent" Magnifique!. Got a surprise by beating long standing PB at 63lb 7ozs - BONUS! Thanks Clare & Mark.
Mark (Happy blanker): - Had a great time, fantastic lake and excellent hosts, counting the days till I come back, Cheers Mark & Clare.
Edgie: - Fantastic venue, wonderful hosts and exceptional food. Pity I'm a crap angler as a fish would have made it perfect.
Harlow & V: - Lovely clean fishery and fantastic fish. Hosts are fantastic especially at 5am in morning...sorry..will be back.
Ed: - 1st time in France and what a quality week. Grand venue, great owners and fantastic food. Managed a 50 and a 60 - over the moon. Thanks for cracking week.
Gav: - great hosts, food fantastic. Not easy fishing. Put the time and effort in and it pays off. Quality fish
Mickey & Shell: - Lovely place to fish, great food, fantastic owners, will be back x x x x
Rob & Liz: - What a great week, fantastic hosts, fantastic fishing Clare your food is gorgeous. Thanks for a great week. Mark was fantastic and helpful, with tips and tactics.
Darren & Andrea: - Lovely weeks angling, beautiful settings, great fish, what more could you ask for! See you soon.

Gavin: - Great hosts in a fantastic setting, food spot on and the fish of your dreams! I'll be back for the big lady!
Elliot: - Had a great time as always, lovely to see you both again, and a PB 54lb 6oz! What more can I say - see you next year.
Billy: - I had agreat time, good fishing, good food, great holiday.
Dave: - A great time with great people, quality food and great hospitality.
Dan. J: - The most enjoyable week yet, great food, great hosts - just great!
Paul: - Fantastic as always, can't wait to come back next year. Can't ask for more from a carp fishing holiday.
Scott: - Fabalous fishing and Hospitality - GREAT WEEK - WILL BE BACK.
Danny O: - Had a mental time, Shame I didn't do much fishing. Plenty of drinking and talking BOLLOX to my great hosts Mark & Clare. See you both soon - next time I promise to fish - honest! x x x

Jeff: - Had a very enjoyable week, no fish, but may have been down to poor angling. The hosts were great with excellent food.
Davidson Twins: - Lady luck wasn't on our side this week. But we had a very enjoyable week, well fed, well chilled & ready to face the world again. Thanks Mark & Clare.
Jason: - What a fantastic lake and hosts. The food was absolutely delicious and the fishing was even better. 3 new PB's, can't beat that. Thanks very much Mark & Clare.
John: - Great lake, great food and a smashed PB....!!! What more can i say!!! See you soon.
Derek: - Excellent fishery and great food, Thanks
Matt: - Top lake, you have to see it to belive it. Great people great food. See you next year
Elmo: - S**T I'VE MISSED ANOTHER RUN!! HA HA! Great food, great lake, great hosts. See you soon Mark & Clare
Craig: - Drew a blank but, enjoyed the surroundings and the hospitality from mark & Clare. Many Thanks
Steven: - Another fantastic week, 3 x PB's, food was lovely as it always is. I'll be back, thanks Mark & ClareTop

Spud: - Every year gets better, full stop, Mark & Clare brilliant, lake brilliant, can't wait till next year, full stop. End of paragraph.
Bull Dog: - 2nd trip here, can't wait for the 3rd, great
Big Cheese: - Great hosts or rather friends, the worst thing is going home, BUGGER!
Rosco: - GREAT TIME x AS ALWAYS x x x
Greg: - Words cannot say how great this place is
Spanners: - FANTASTIC, hospitality is 2nd to none, fishing not bad too
Buzz: - Another great trip, 40's & 50's. Food quality. It doesn't get better
Vinny: - Great fishing, Great food, Great company, Great place, in fact.....GREAT!!
Crumpy: - Yet again a wonderful week, can't wait for next year, BRILLIANT!!

Ryan: - Best fishing, lake and holiday of my life. Great crowd of people, even Marks alright for a cockney! Thanks for the advice! Happy days.....
John S: - Facilities were 2nd to none, food was fantastic, good hospitality and a 60 pounder. What more can you ask for?
Aldo Al: - Mirror 32, Mirror place in the world.
Micky B: - Another great week, plenty of big fish. Always well looked after by Mark & Clare.
Mike Cadwell: - Great week. Happy Days, 44lb Common. Fantastic venue and facilities.
Johnny Goody: - Great week, lovely food. 54 on the door Mirror. Many thanks to Mark & Clare.
John the Rocker: - Magical place, can't wait for next year. A BIG Thank you to Mark & Clare.
Barry & Criss Hassell: - Stayed in the (love shack) chalet - it's fantastic, well done Mark & Clare. Just a shame I'm not a good fisherman. Looking forward to seeing you both again next year.

Peter Brooks: - Lovely mature lake, well looked after fish and fishery. A pleasure to stay here, the fish were a bonus and a pleasant one at that. Will be back soon!
Kevin Patterson: - The perfect place to fish, Relax and enjoy the surroundings Mark & Clare are gems! See you again.
Peter & Kevin Morgan: - Brilliant hospitality and food. Will return. Could not ask for a better location.
Mark: - Enjoyed everything - food, fishing, hospitality, really good weather and very relaxing. 2 new PB's - 47lb & 49lb. Lovely well established lake. Thanks to Mark & Clare.
Paul & Johan: - We had a lovely week but, We came, We saw, We lost. A little practice back home and we will be back!
Debbie: - I listened to mark and caught this time!! Top
Podge: - Really enjoyed it again and had a PB 51lb 2oz Mirror. See you soon!

Welsh Boyo's: - Cracking venue- Pukka food - Good fish - Awesome attitude from "Directors". Avoid Crusty's chilli sauce (if you can)!!!
Coen & Monique: - We had a great holiday, loads of beautiful fish, both had new PB's!! Food was perfect, as it always is when Clare is cooking! Also loved the bowling, cocktails & Champagne. Always good to be here, had a relaxing 2 weeks. See you soon and lots of love.

Neal: - PB 55lb 13oz Mirror! Thanks for another great week.
Chris: - Every thing was great and a 68lb 2oz Mirror! Thanks a lot.

Tom: - Great week, great food, great fishing! Many thanks Mark & Clare.
Dereck: - Fantastic week, put on 2 stone, thanks Mark & Clare - Brill!
Fred & Tony: - Very good week.
Nick Brisley(MD): - Thanks for another great week.
Paul: - Terrific as always, look forward to next year. Thanks.
Paul G: - Thanks a lot Mark & Sue - LoL.

Laurence & Julie: - My wife and I were catered to fully. Great lake, fish, facilities and atmosphere, not forgetting the unforgettable food. Time allowing, will be back very soon and on a regular basis. Thanks Mark and Clare.
Penny & David: - Had yet another fantastic week, David smashed his PB with a 62lb 4oz Mirror, great food and company. Thanks Mark and Clare for making my 50th Birthday a special one. On a countdown to next year (in the chalet).
Michael: - The 66lb 9oz Mirror made the week for me. Thanks Mark and Clare.
Doolan: - As they say in Essex - what a "Reem" fishery. Thanks Mark and Clare for a fantastic week of fishing and fun. See you soon.

Colin: - Stunning two weeks fishing - could not have wanted more - the drought has ended. Thanks for everything - will be back. Have some photos for the website at last.
Ben: - What a week!!! PB smashed twice, excellent fishing, brilliant food, Mark and Clare are brilliant. Can't wait to come back.
Sam: - Another blinding week, good to be involved in the record breaking week. Can't wait for the next trip. Need I say more - Awesome!
Dan Boy: - Sensational week at Etang le Fays. Nice to be part of the record breaking week. The food and fish were superb, and so were Mark & Clare. Oh, and a new PB of 61lb 10oz Half Linear Mirror!
Jayne: - Wonderful week at Etang le Fays. Very exciting, lots of fish caught. First time accompanying my husband who fishes. So restful and peaceful. Fantastic food and loved the fun at mealtimes with Mark and Clare and all the other guys. Have booked to return end of July 2012 and already looking forward to it. Superb facilities, showers, etc.
Norman: - Brilliant week, great food, excellent fishing. New PB 65lb 8oz Mirror. Looking forward to next year.
Tjako: - Great week again. Got my new PB 60lb 8oz Mirror. Looking forward to next year.Top

Simon: - 1st night, 1st French Carp - 65lb 5oz. How the hell am I going to beat that? Great food, great hosts, can't wait to get back again!
Lee Norton: - Great food and people, beat my PB twice, Many thanks!
Christian Swimmeir: - Many thanks for yet another great week, hope top see you soon!
Pops: - Great weeks fishing, PB common, well looked after by Clare and Mark, Back next year!
John the Greek: - Wicked weeks fishing once again, lovely food, will defiantly be coming back next year!

Keith: - What can I say? Excellent food and company, Superb trip, Thank you!
Andy: - What a great fishery, had a great time. Thanks Mark and Clare, see you next year!
Ali: - I had a great week and the food was lovely!

Greg: - Great week 2nd time for the pig at 60. Lovely food - I'll be back!
Jed, Ollie, Craig, Mat, Paul, Rob: - Excellent week, Was a better week then I could have ever imagined. Fishing was awesome, amazing venue, massive fish, absolutely wicked weeks fishing!!!! Thanks Mark & Clare. Best week ever - once in a lifetimes fishing, massive carp - stunning - smashed all expectations, couldn't ask for a better trip - EPIC WEEKS FISHING - 62lb LONG COMMON - what more can I say. Cheers Mark & Clare.

Marco & Moreno: - It was a hard week, not every year is the same but, also had 5 carp (not bad for the 2 of us).
Phil & Stacey: - Fantastic lake. Stayed in the chalet which was also fantastic. Fishing was hard going due to lovely weather - hitting 36 degrees at times. Leaving with a new PB 42lb 2oz so, more then happy. Will definitely return to try for a new PB. Many thanks to Mark & Clare, chalet was very comfortable
Charlie, Goose: - Not much fish out but Clare & Mark helped as much as they could, they really are amazing hosts (Message from Clare - you are amazing too sweetheart Charlie chopping wood, miss you all - xxx)
Sam: - Thanks for an amazing week, no fish but had a lovely sleep. Food is amazing and Mark & Clare helped as much as they could
Monique & Coen: - We had a great week again. New PB 52 COMMON. Good party's, lovely weather, good food and fish! xxxxx

Kelly, Goose, Charlie & Sam: - Well another lovely week spent at Etang Le Fays!! Again another warm welcome from Clare & Mark, and our Dutch friends Marco & Moreno from last year and we made new friends this time too. Thank you for the crazy night out last Friday what a blast, lol. Yet another birthday at Etang Le Fays, for goose, I'VE NEVER HADE A BIRTHDAY BREAFAST WITH CANDLES STUCK IN MY SAUSAGES! Thank you for my cards they were lovely. See you next year come rain or shine, love Kelly, Goose, Charlie & Sam xxxx

Craig: - This place gets better & better. Still not sure after all these years which is the best - The food, The fish or Mark!!!! Wicked times!Top
Paul Bundock: - Been coming since 2004 - need I say more!!!!
Steve: - Great time - big learning curve. 10/10 for hospitality - will be coming back next year. Thank you for all your help.
Al (South London): - Really enjoyed myself. Mark & Clare were great. I did blank so, will be back to sort that out!
Phil (Chelsea FC): - Slow start but, the 53lb 8oz Mirror on the last night more then made up for it. Thanks to both Mark & Clare for TOP hospitality!
Tony (CFC) Carpo: - Only my 2nd time here but made to feel like family. Mark & Clare superb hosts.You would have to go a long way to beat this place let me tell you!
Danny (CFC) Carpo: - My 2nd visit here and it keeps on getting better. Thanks for the service here, wish I had more catches. Best of luck for the rest of the year, see ya next year!
Dan: - If Carlsberg made fisheries - !!!! This is the "Dogs Rear Swingers" Thanks Mark & Clare for an awesome week! New PB plus totally enjoyed myself and more xx
Mick: - Words cannot describe this place! Great fishing, superb hospitality. The only place to come and fish in France. Thank you Mark & Clare, see you next year. A+++++

Simon & Mark: - Great week again, great fishing, great food
Simon (death rig) Dobbs: - Fab fishing, fab hosts, fab food, and a PB!!! What more can a man want?
Rich B: - Super week, exceptional location, food, hosts, great company for the week. Booked for next year already
Glen P: - Great week - all you can want from a weeks carp fishing. Thanks for a fab week.
Andy C: - Great week, top venue, top food, top company!!! Thanks
Rick: - Thanks for an amazing week. Caught the massive common I was after. Hopefully be back again soon so Lee can catch one!
Lee: - Thanks for a great week, no fish but still good. Amazing lake!

Kev: - Second trip here this year and, it just gets better! Look forward to next year. Keep doing what you do Mark & Clare
Pete: - Great week, three PB's - what more could you ask for. Great hosts too. Can't wait to return - No drinking on Friday!!! LOL Thanks Mark & Clare
Robert: - You normally only have weeks like this in your dreams! Great week, food and hosts. Thanks a lot
Ian the Arrow: - Great food, fishing and company. Thanks Mark & Clare
Bolton wonderer: - Yet another great week, thanks Mark & Clare
Tony(Bolton): - Fantastic venue, fish & food. 1st time in France! Definitely be back ere. Cheers Mark & Clare for every thing
Rob N: - Absolutely amazing place. 1st time in France and feel I have struck gold! I'll be back for sure. Thank you so much Mark & Clare for every thing and for creating this ANGLERS PARADISE!
Jon(Bolton): - Another good holiday, 5th time here and can't wait till next year. Super food again, many thanks
Raz: - Had another great time. Mark & Clare you are doing a fantastic job
Marko: - Another great week. Food is tops, thank you, you 2 and see you next June.

Scot: - Another great week at Le Fays, gonna be a shame to go back to the wife's cooking cheers Clare, And Mark a massive THANK YOU for your advise which resulted in a fish of a life time- nice one
Mick Tuck: - Thanks Mark & Clare for great week! Really pukka to see all your hard work and effort to detail stand you well in on fantastic fishery! See you soon
Tony Tangle: - Cracking week, fantastic food. Beats all other fisheries hands down. See you next year
Ben: - Setting the benchmark for French Fisheries!
Stew & Jen: - Fantastic place, great fishing, lovely chalet, three 50's in a week says it all. Mark & Clare are always there to help, this place has everything!

James: - Gradually improving week started slow but built up with the baiting. Great hosts, good weather and a fish of a lifetime - 68lb 8oz Mirror - the Big Lady.
Chris: -  No fish for me this week! Great place - will be back for more. Thank you Mark and Clare.

Dave E: - Excellent all round. Same as last time - Awesome!
Tom Williams: - Tricky fishing but can be very rewarding. The food is second to none. Thanks for a great week.
Chris R: - I wish my girlfriend could cook half as well as Clare. Its a lovely lake but can be hard. The stamp of fish is really BIG.
Mario: - Great fishing but have to work for your fish. Great Food, Great Lake, can't wait to come back.
Barrie: - Thanks for having us back for the second time. Excellent food every day. The lake is a credit to Mark, stunning settings and wildlife. I witnessed some big fish but unfortunately not for me.
Debbie and Dave: - Food excellent, relaxed and refreshed in lovely surroundings and good company. Came if just to take the photo's, fish are a bonus, a BIG bonus!


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