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To view further pictures and details of the swims, select any of the pictures below. They are shown here in Swim number order so, the first picture (top left) is Swim 1 and the last picture (bottom right) is Swim 24.The linked pages are designed to give you views of the swims though the seasons.

Please note that work is under way to refresh all of the presented images. This may take some time to achieve so, please accept our apologies for duplicating some of the images at this time. Thank you.  

Swim1Swim 2Swim 3Swim 4Swims 5 & 6 (Double)

Swim 7Swim 8Swim 9Swim 10Swim 11 & 12 (Double)

Swim 13Swims 14 & 15 (Double)Swims 16 & 17 (Double)Swims 18 & 19 (Double)Swim 20

Swim 21Swim 22Swim 23Swim 24


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