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Please take time to look around the website as it contains a lot of information put together over time. We are updating the information all the time to ensure that it is accurate as possibly.

Details and prices of bait available onsite can be found on the Bait Price List.

Q: Could you recommend any bait’s to bring - e.g. pop ups, floaters, etc?
A: I have not found any bait that is preferred by the fish. I have seen just about make, type and flavour of boilie fished and they all catch. Pop-ups do work but, I would fish a single pup-up or snowman critically balanced on the bottom.

The Carp don't appear to like surface feeding so, I would suggest you leave the floaters at home. The water birds tend to get them before the Carp.

Q: How much bait can I bring and what baits are not allowed?
A: You can bring your own boilies with you and the quantity is up to you. A good stock of boilies and pellets are available at the lake.

As detailed in the Fishery Rules, particles MUST be obtained at the lake. Sorry folks - ALL NUTS ARE BANNED - this includes Peanuts, Brazils, Tigers, etc.

If you are unsure whether you can use one of your favourite baits at the lake then, please give Mark a call before you leave for the lake. Mark's phone number is shown on the Contact Us page.

Q: Do we need to pre-order bait?
A: There is no need to pre-order bait such as Pellet and Particle as there are always ample stocks on site. If you are considering requesting large quantities of Boilies (20kg or more) then please give Mark a call at the lake to ensure that he has the stock available when you arrive. Mark's phone number is shown on the Contact Us page.

Q: Just wanted to clarify whether you class pellet as particles. We would obviously be buying some of the on site pellet and particles but wanted to know if we could bring some of our own (which is brought from the bait and food company)?
A: If you are bringing pellets with you, could you please advise Mark on your arrival at the lake about the bait you have brought with you.

There are two types of pellet available on site, 10mm fish rearing and 22mm halibut pellets. The Carp are used to seeing them. The 10mm fish rearing pellets are also used during the winter, with support from particles, as a dietary supplement.

The halibut pellets contain high levels of fish oils and are available during the season. Care needs to be taken when using fish oils due to the problems an excessive intake of oil can have on the fish. In warm weather and water, fish oils are good news for anglers and fish alike. However, in cold water the Carp are unable to digest the oils and it collects in their liver. Too much oil can kill the fish so, please be careful how you use these products.

Q: Can we take and use tinned sweet corn and tuna with us?
A: I don't see any reason why you can't use tinned sweet corn and tuna. However, could you please advise Mark on your arrival at the lake about the bait you have brought with you.

PLEASE - do not take bags of frozen sweet corn with you! It has been pre-treated prior to freezing and packing and can cause problems for the fish unless it is cooked! Mark will not let you use it either!

Q: How much bait should I bring?
A: The quantity of boilies you may need for a weeks fishing is a little tricky. It all depends on how you are going to tempt the fish to your hook bait. I would suggest you use the mixture of flavours you are confident to fish with at home as a good starting point. Or, you could wait until you get to the lake and take advantage of the bait available on-site.

The baiting policy I use is to pepper the area I am going to fish with about 20 baits per lead when I get there. Then, I set up everything and cast onto the pre-baited area. Top up from time to time with a few free offerings if things are not moving and relax. When I catch one, I put out about 10 to 15 with the re-baited hook and relax.

You can use particle and pellet mix if you wish, and they are available on-site. Mark will put this out for you using the lake boat and he will take your direction as to where you want it spread (saves all the effort of spodding). Once deployed, cast over it and do what I do - RELAX.

Q: What is the best flavour boilie to use?
A: Boilies of any flavour catch Carp - they don't seem to be that picky. Mark has a good range so, you may prefer to have a word when you get there. He will know what is catching. I have tried Tutti Fruity, Tangerine, Rosehip Isotonic, Pineapple, Crab and Mussel, Scopex Squid, Monster Crab and a load more and have snared fish all flavours. Keep it simple and you won't go wrong. Pop-ups - I have mixed flavours of pop-ups and boilies and the Carp have taken them. I have 3 different flavours (18mm) in my bag and use any boilie to hand at the time. Mixing gives a different edge especially if they are shy of one flavour. Changing the shape of a boilie can sometimes make a difference as well.

Q: What is the best size boilie to use?
A: What is your favourite size in the UK? Generally I use 18 and 20mm and on occasions, if I am feeling bold, I use 24mm. As mentioned above, changing the shape of a boilie can sometimes make a difference as well.

If you need further information, please contact Mark at the lake.

If you still can’t find an answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to cast me a line at and I will do what I can to help.

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