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Please take time to look around the website as it contains a lot of information put together over time. We are updating the information all the time to ensure that it is accurate as possibly.

Q: I have been told that swims are drawn out of a hat, is this right?
A: The purpose of the draw is to decide the order for choice of swims. The person drawing number 1 gets first choice, number 2 gets second choice, and so on until everybody has a swim.

When you arrive at the lake you have the opportunity to look around, view the lake from all sides and study the water and swims. I would suggest you take the opportunity to have a chat with your fellow anglers to gauge your swim preference against theirs. If you can agree between you which swim you would like to fish and everybody is happy then, there will be no need for a draw.

Q: How many other people will be fishing the lake?
A: The number of anglers fishing in any given week is limited to around 12 and there may also be a few non-fishing guests. The lake has 19 places to fish (5 of these are double swims) so there are opportunities for people to change swims during the week, if you wish to do so.

There is also the option to pre-bait an empty swim for a couple of days and then have a day, night or 24 hour session in that swim as a change during the week. However, in line with the Fishery Rules, you are not able to have rods out in two swims at the same time for obvious reasons.

Q: Can I pre-book a double swim prior to arrival?
A: Sorry, pre-booking of swims is not possible (please see the comments above). On arrival you will be given the opportunity to look around and decide where you would like to fish. Please take the opportunity to chat with you fellow anglers. There are 19 swims (5 of which are doubles) there should be plenty of opportunity to find a pair together. You can move around during the week if you wish, and fish another swim.

Q: What Licences do I need to fish the water?
A: You do not need to obtain Licences to fish at Etang le Fays. Arrangements have been made with the authorities in France to fish the water 24/7.

Q: Are there particular swims that fish better than others?
A: No swim fishes any better than any other around the lake in my experience. I have taken good fish in every swim I have fished. Take a look at our interactive Lake Map and click on the swim numbers to view the pictures and details. When you arrive at the lake you have the opportunity to look around, view the lake from all sides and study the water at the swims.

Q: What does the Anglers Briefing cover?
A: Prior to the commencement of any fishing for the week, Mark will brief everybody on various topics, provide help and guidance and answer any questions you may have. This will include how to land, handle, medicate, photograph and return fish is a controlled manner, what to do if you have problems and a lot more besides. Please give this briefing your full attention.

If there is anything you need just ask and Mark and Clare will do what they can to make your week as comfortable, relaxing and productive as possible.

Q: Is there a barbless hook rule in place?
A: There is no Barbless Hook rule in place and you can use either Barbed or Barbless hooks. But no bent hook rigs please (as stated in the Fishery Rules). My personal preference are ESP Raptor barbless T6 and G4.

Q: Being a novice carp angler could you give me some information on rigs, tactics and tackle?
A: You will be pleased to hear that rigs, tactics and tackle are not rocket science and you can use the same rigs that you would use in the UK.

If it helps, my preferences are to use a size 6 wide gape hook with a short shank, ESP Raptor T6 Barbless, or it cousin the longer shank ESP Raptor G-4 Barbless. About 12 inches (300mm) of Kryston Mantis Gold 25lb with the last 5 inches (130mm) or so, of the outer covering stripped back and a hair loop tied. Leave enough to mount the boilie so that it is just off the bend of the hook when hanging vertical and tie hook with a knotless knot. Tie swivel to the other end and you are ready to go. The finished rig will be about 6 inches (150mm) long.

Use either an in-line lead or helicopter format so that the lead is not fixed, tied to 15lb mono main line (braided main line is banned) and you are ready for action. As I say, these are my preferences and I have caught loads of great Carp using them. My personal best Mirror to date is 56lb 8ozs.

If you need further information, please contact Mark at the lake.

If you still can’t find an answers to your questions, please don’t hesitate to cast me a line at and I will do what I can to help.

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