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2007 Gallery 1 Banner

Pictures are added as they arrive. If you spot an error or can provide additional information about the catch, please send details to and they will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you.

Dedicated to the memory of Flaty Russ and Frazz That's Life - France '07

34lb Mirror38lb Mirror24lb 7oz Mirror26lb 8oz Mirror31lb 8oz Mirror34lb Leather33lb Mirror34lb 8oz Mirror30lb 2oz Common24lb 2oz Mirror28lb 6oz Mirror29lb Common32lb 8oz Common35lb 12oz Mirror35lb 12oz Common23lb 12oz Mirror27lb Mirror25lb Mirror25lb 5oz Mirror27lb 8oz Mirror33lb 8oz Mirror33lb 7oz Common33lb 7oz Mirror38lb 5oz Mirror33lb 8oz Mirror36lb 8oz Mirror32lb 12oz Mirror21lb Mirror24lb 2oz Mirror25lb 4oz Mirror18lb 8oz Mirror24lb 10oz Mirror30lb 6oz Mirror32lb 8oz Mirror38lb Mirror34lb 13oz Common16lb 8oz Common24lb 12oz Mirror25lb 4oz Linear40lb 4oz Mirror25lb Mirror25lb Mirror23lb Mirror28lb 10oz Common31lb Mirror28lb 8oz Mirror25lb Mirror29lb 14oz Leather36lb Mirror46lb 4oz Common26lb Mirror29lb 8oz Common33lb Mirror37lb 8oz Mirror25lb Mirror16lb 8oz Mirror24lb 8oz Mirror24lb 8oz Mirror24lb Common25lb 5oz Common36lb 8oz Mirror47lb 7oz Common19lb 3oz Mirror27lb 8oz Common27lb 12oz Mirror27lb 12oz Mirror29lb 5oz Mirror29lb Grass Carp30lb 8oz Mirror30lb 8oz Mirror32lb Mirror33lb 6oz Mirror34lb 4oz Mirror35lb Mirror36lb 4oz Mirror36lb Mirror40lb 8oz Mirror23lb 1oz Mirror24lb 2oz Mirror26lb 4oz Mirror27lb Mirror28lb 8oz Mirror28lb Mirror32lb Mirror33lb Mirror42lb MirrorCommon Carp19lb 6oz Common36lb 4oz Common47lb 7oz Mirror32lb 8oz Mirror36lb Common35lb 14oz Mirror32lb 3oz Mirror40lb 3oz Mirror25lb 15oz Mirror30lb 2oz Mirror19lb 8oz Mirror35lb Mirror Mirror CarpCommon Carp23lb Mirror22lb Mirror18lb Common21lb Mirror26lb 7oz Common29lb Mirror32lb Mirror38lb Mirror34lb 8oz Mirror

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