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Obtaining Cash from a hole in the wall in France
E111 Changes
- New Card
Applying for the new EHIC
- Necessity


Obtaining cash from a hole in the wall Banner

Our attention has been drawn to a couple of problems experience by guests who have been unable to obtain cash from a "hole in the wall" machine in France.

We have contacted the main high street banks for advice and they suggest the following: -

"If you intend to use your Debit or Credit Card to draw cash abroad, you should contact your Bank or Credit provider before travelling. Advise them of your travel details and request contact numbers that you can use should you find your card stopped.

This is by no means fool proof as many systems have automatic anti-Fraud systems that may put a stop on your card the first time you try to use it."

E111 Changes Banner

The E111 form is known for providing emergency health care cover when travelling in Europe. It is recognised in 29 countries and provides reciprocal care between member states. But, following a recent change it will no longer be issued.

New Card

The E111 form is being replaced by the EHIC - the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

The E111 will remain valid until 31st December 2005. If you completed the E111 form recently you may automatically be sent one of the new cards.

The new cover is in the form of a plastic card - similar to a credit card - as opposed to a piece of paper, and this time each person needs one. It is no longer the case that one form covers the entire family. The basic system remains the same, it is fundamentally just a change in administration.Top

Applying for the new EHIC

There are 3 ways of getting the new card: -

1. - You can log onto EHIC Homepage and expect delivery within 7 days.
2. - You can telephone 0845 606 2030 and expect delivery within 10 days.
3. - You can obtain an application form from any Post Office. Applying this way should take around 21 days.

There have been some issues with the introduction of the new cards so we would advise that you check all of the details on the new cards carefully when they arrive. Problems should be taken up with the issuing office.


It is not compulsory to carry the health card in Europe but it can be very useful.

Private travel insurance generally covers health needs but an access fee is usually required to be paid.

The EHIC should not be seen as a replacement to travel insurance as it does not cover all potential costs, for instance repatriation.

It does however claim to cover "any treatment that becomes necessary during the course of your visit". This includes accident and emergency cases, maternity care, chronic and pre-existing illnesses.

Some treatments do need to be pre-arranged though, these include renal dialysis and oxygen therapy.

Treatment is not covered if the purpose of your visit is to obtain medical treatment.

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